This film should never have a sequel


At Liberty in North Korea we are working towards the day we don’t have to tell stories like this one.

Every year, thousands of North Koreans risk their lives to escape their country. But even if they make it to China, they are not safe. North Korean women are often trafficked and sold multiple times. Their best chance of reaching freedom is a 3,000-mile modern day underground railroad. That’s where you come in.


You make rescues happen

It costs $3,000 to help one North Korean woman reach freedom using a secret rescue route that begins in China and ends once they have resettled in South Korea or the United States.


Join the movement by donating or fundraising for the next rescue




"I felt like I was losing everything, including my own body, to someone I didn't even know. I was only 18."

Joy was sold to a man in China. With the help of Liberty in North Korea, she was able to escape and make it safely to South Korea.


Liberty in North Korea is committed to working with the North Korean people to achieve their liberty.  We work directly with North Korean refugees because of the humanitarian imperative, but also because of their potential as some of the most effective agents of change on this issue.